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Addendum To Publication Agreement

7. For registration purposes, the author shall request the publisher to sign a copy of this amendment and return it to the author. However, if the publishing house publishes the article in the journal or in another form, without signing a copy of this addendum, such publication shall indicate the publisher`s approval under this supplement. 6. Recognition of previous licences. In addition, the publishing house acknowledges, where appropriate and without restriction, the management of the aforementioned rights: that the transfer of copyright by the author or the granting of exclusive rights by the author in the publication agreement is subject to the grant of a non-exclusive copyright license by the author and/or a promotional organization that has financially supported the research contained in the article within the framework of an agreement concluded between the author or the author`s administrative body and such a financial institution, for example. B an agency of the United States Government. 5. Additional obligations of the publisher. The publisher undertakes to provide the author, free of charge, within 14 days of the first publication, with an electronic copy of the published article, in a format such as the portable document format (.pdf), which retains the final layout, formatting and content. No technical restrictions, such as.B. security settings, are imposed to prevent the document from being copied or printed.

2009 Addendum that reflects the MIT Faculty`s Open Access Policy You can also use a Science Commons tool to generate a full PDF copy of the MIT Standard Addendum (which does not reflect the MIT Faculty`s Open Access Policy). 4. Retention of title of the author. Notwithstanding other provisions to the contrary in the Publication Agreement, the AUTHOR and the PUBLISHER agree that in addition to the copyright reserved by the author in the Publication Agreement, the Author retains: (i) the rights of reproduction, dissemination, public performance and public presentation of the article in any media for non-commercial purposes; (ii) the right to produce derivative works from the article; and (iii) the right to allow others not to market the article as long as the author is cited as the author and the journal in which the article was published is mentioned as the source of the first publication of the article. For example, during teaching and research, the author may make and distribute copies and publish the article on personal or institutional websites and other open access digital repositories. MIT authors may use a supplemental or modification form for copyright agreements entered into by publishers, which reflects the Open Access Policy. EDITOR _______________ The parties to the publication agreement, as amended and supplemented by this addition, are as follows: 3. This addition and the publication agreement, combined, assign all rights that are protected by copyright with respect to all versions of the article. The parties agree that, in all cases of conflict between this addition and the publication agreement, the provisions of this addendum are of the utmost importance and that the publication agreement must be interpreted accordingly. _______________________________________________________________________________________.

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