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Federal Indian Day Schools Settlement Agreement

On August 19, 2019, the Federal Court authorized a comparison of national classes to compensate day school survivors for damages suffered during visits to the Indian Day Federal Schools and Federal Day Schools. Former students are entitled to compensation if they attended one of the 699 eligible schools that were funded, managed and controlled by Canada and suffered abuse or damage while present. Rebates can also be claimed on behalf of a former student if they died after November 2007. Like boarding schools, day schools aimed to assimilate indigenous children while eradicating indigenous languages and cultures, and often had religious affiliations with Catholic, United, Anglican and other churches. The Retainer of Non-Class Counsel must set out the consequences that a retainer will have with them on the usual duties and responsibilities that the Class Counsel owes to the complainant. By signing a separate retainer agreement and/or deciding to use a lawyer other than Class Counsel, it is presumed that the applicant has waived access to Class Counsel`s free legal services and is presumed to have exempted Class Counsel from its obligations to assist that particular applicant. On August 19, 2019, the Federal Court authorized a national class comparison to compensate students who suffered abuse or damage to India`s Federal Day Schools and Day Schools, funded, managed and controlled by the federal government of Canada. McLean died of cancer in February 2019, a month before Canada announced that a settlement agreement had been reached with the plaintiffs.