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Llp Agreement Format For Ca Firm

NOW, the FIRST, SECOND & THIRD Party are interested in the creation of a Limited Liability Partnership, in accordance with the Limited Liability Partnership Act 2008, and intend to write the conditions of the aforementioned creation and 19. Place of accounting: the company`s books are drawn up at the headquarters of the 20th year. Each partner must provide each partner or its legal representatives with authentic reports and comprehensive information on everything related to the limited liability company. Note: A partnership is a contractual agreement concluded by “individuals” in their personal capacity, if so, the recital cited is not badly drafted. 23. Statutory auditors: the company`s auditors shall have their registered office at………. Auditors are responsible for all accounting/tax tasks of the company, including but not limited to income tax, VAT, balance sheet/assets and LLP liabilities/profits and losses, etc. Please provide a draft word of the last accepted LLP agreement 42. All disputes between the partners or between the partner and the name of the LLP arising from the social contract with limited liability and which cannot be resolved within the meaning of this agreement are transferred to conciliation in accordance with the provisions of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 (26 of 1996). 4. Duration: The partnership will start from the date of registration of the company and will continue to work by mutual agreement of the 39, in accordance with the provisions of the LLP Act 2008 and the rules set out therein, until the end of this agreement.

The books of the company are kept at the registered office of the name of the LLP with the reference of all the partners. THIS LLP AGREEMENT makes the ………. the………….. Day of ………….. 20………. BETWEEN……….. N/a ……….. R/o…………….. Residence in…. the expression, unless it is repugnant to the object or context of it, refers to its legal heirs, successors, nominees and authorized beneficiaries of the assignment, hereinafter referred to as Part I, and ……..

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