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Song Split Agreement Template

They consider themselves part of the group and believe that they should receive songwriting credits and/or some of the copyright on sound recordings. You do not agree. Note that the contracts listed below are only entry models. You have many other options out there and it`s always a good idea to consult a lawyer to get your own model checked and approved before signing. You write and sign a music producer agreement to clarify: OPTION 2 – forget the music you`re not sure about, write new songs and work with them. This is where splitsheets and musical cooperation agreements come into play. Do I have a signed document that says how much copyright I own? As a music creator, you can already write with other musicians. If this is the case, split sheets are an essential protection to ensure that you and anyone with whom you write will receive their reasonable percentage of publishing income. Split sheets are therefore an important tool for tracking musical collaborations between songwriters, artists, musicians, publishers and any other person or company that may be directly involved. Absolutely amazing information! I have 2 related questions that I can`t have an answer to: 1. If I have a complete demo and I hire a producer/engineer to produce it/mixer/mastern for me, and it asks 4% of the copyright (the remaining 96% are mine, since I`m the only author). Does this mean that he will be entitled to 4% of all future income and I will not be able to make decisions (modification, publication, synchronization, etc.) on my song without him? He also gets a fee from me for working on the mix. 2.

As these agreements are better signed in writing, how can I deal with them when I work with someone on the internet? Like a sound bed? In the last section under Agreed, you and each of your co-authors gives you a line to enter your name with signatures and dates. Our free splitsheet model contains 5 lines, so be sure to add more lines if you have more co-authors involved, if you have a large group, group or orchestra or another scenario that can lead to more co-authors. You must have new songs in you. Don`t get caught in an administration rabbit hole. Look at the templates for the music producer chord below. […] Complex Donald Passman`s book will explain here something to start you split sheets Songwriter Split Sheet Agreement Form: Demo/Tutorial | LicenseQuote.com Blog […] Finally, if you have any questions or are not safe about something, we advise you to do some research, and possibly consider consulting a qualified administrator, legal expert or lawyer to verify your intentions and contract details on behalf of your company.