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Toll Blending Agreement

Toll Blending, sometimes referred to as “Custom Mixing” or “Toll Manufacturing”, offers companies with unique or complex chemical formulations the possibility to enter into mixing, batch or processing contracts. The time it takes in a written agreement with the manufacturer to set expectations and commitments is worth gold. Handmade agreements benefit companies because they don`t need to set up a factory or invest in the equipment needed to bring the idea or product to life. Through the use of an external manufacturer, the company has the freedom to adapt the product according to the law and well-being. The company pays the manufacturer a “toll” for the privilege of using the manufacturer`s employees, devices and facilities. AD Productions has over 40 years of experience in Chemical Toll Blending for renowned chemical companies worldwide. We focus heavily on the highest possible quality. That is why we are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified and licensed under SEVESO (III). Our robust manufacturing system is based on internal and industry best practices (including full traceability of all batches). AD Productions specializes in flower glare and powder glare (dry chemicals). An efficient manufacturing agreement should contain detailed details to avoid confusion about the expectations of the company looking for manufactured items and the obligations of manufacturers.

Although contract manufacturing is similar to that of labor manufacturing, there are important differences between the two. As with labor manufacturing, production processes are outsourced to a third-party company. However, in contract manufacturing, the third-party company responsible for manufacturing the products provides the manufacturing process and procures all raw materials. Contract manufacturing is the creation of a supply chain supplier for a branded, own-branded or custom-made product. The order manufacturer is responsible for manufacturing the product according to the specifications and for respecting the delivery deadlines. . . . .